Meet The Class of 2016

Meet the Class of 2016, where style leaders and creative mavericks take on traditional high-school stereotypes – and prove that, this school year, anyone and everyone can wear the glasses

The Class of 2016 project, sponsored by Luxottica, celebrates the optical category, elevating glasses to be the hottest accessory of every season. Taking a twist on the traditional American yearbook, Class of 2016 features a cast of emerging and established faces from the worlds of fashion, design and music coming together to truly establish this 21st century trend.

The newly elected class president is New York cool-kid extraordinaire Mike the Ruler, whose astute cultural observations are the go-to style playbook for his fellow pupils. The prom-queen title goes to Mae Lapres – the charismatic French-Canadian-Chinese model that everyone wants to be friends with. With his skilful storytelling and razor-sharp flow, Irish rapper Rejjie Snow takes on the role of the nerd, while photographer Gray Sorrenti channels mystery and magic as the class dreamer. Refusing to play by the rules, the charmingly rude and brilliantly abrupt style icon Iris Apfel makes a brilliant rebel. And who better to take charge of the new class than actress, writer and model Hari Nef? The ultimate leader who encourages her pupils to “live authentically and avoid complacency”.

Books and pencils down, glasses on… Let the new school year commence.

Photography: Fumi Nagasaka / Styling: Elizabeth Fraser-Bell