The Class President

Mike The Ruler

Accro de la mode. Champion outsider. Délégué de classe.

High atop the popular vote, Mike the Ruler is smarter than the child communque you can follow on Instagram. Hero worship glasses of the New York new wave since the age of 13, Mike (real name Michael Hope) proves again that style should never be considered a hobby. High school student by day, his knowledge of fashion history is deeper than a superficial #tbt. He prefers reading and studying the archives of Helmut Lang and Raf Simons to get his own ideas. “I do a lot of research online, I prefer to read,” he said. “I am thirsty for information. “That said, he loves as much as everyone this Instagram where we can see” Photos Young Thug off old paint. ”

Mike porte les modèles optiques suivants : Giorgio Armani AR7069; Giorgio Armani AR7114; Oliver Peoples OV5336U

Pas de code vestimentaire, dans la limite du raisonnable.

Mike, The Class President

Its dress code
“The color palette should absolutely follow certain rules, because it should not have clothes that clash. The colors must be matched. It must also take into account the color of her eyes, skin and hair, because it plays a lot on what we carry. I personally only covers a few special marks: many old things from Helmut Lang, from the time he even drew his own brand. It is the creator I prefer. I like his minimalist approach, but remains both unique and special. ”

Essentials dishes in the canteen
“Food is important. What dish should always be offered in the canteen? Spicy beef noodles! Super spicy, because you develop tolerance to spices. Some refreshing sodas to cool taste. And of course, good bread! Good bread, good meat, and if you do not like meat, some excellent vegetarian options like tofu. And plenty soy because I love it. ”

Resist the nostalgia
“I am a little pessimistic regarding the future of the world. But in terms of art and fashion, I am optimistic, because there are lots of interesting talents. I’m glad this is the case, because people can always say, “Oh, 80 and 90 were so good,” but really when you think about it, some things were really tacky. I think we’ll stay on ample things for a while; the colors soften and there will be less bling. But perhaps I say that because this is my ideal look and I hope it will stay like that. ”