The Dreamer

Gray Sorrenti

Esprit pur. Ultra-sensible. Adepte du rêve américain.

Mysterious and magical, Gray Sorrenti is the girl of your dreams. Between natural tranquility and contagious creative spark, his photographic adventures show that quickly follows the footsteps of his father, Mario Sorrenti fashion photographer. “I photograph my friends and people around me,” she said. “I asked:” What is your favorite thing? “, And they tell me” candy “or” play guitar “, I organize a shoot with lots of candy or a guitar player! When (someone) is in its natural state, it is more beautiful. “When not in New York, you find him to satisfy his thirst travel: go on road trip unexpectedly with friends in a” super old school van “or visit his mark favorite, home of his parents in Mallorca. Overjoyed when a nose in a sketchbook or eyes behind the lens, this is the kind of girl who will lay a rose in your locker, “just like that”. DONOT tell that she and her friends have blocked the head in the clouds. “Our generation is very aware of what is happening,” she said of her peers. “It gives me hope.

Gray porte les modèles optiques suivants: Dolce&Gabbana DG3247; Miu Miu MU50PV; Ray-Ban RX6049

Vous savez, l’amour est comme une nouvelle couleur.

Gray, The Dreamer

Spirituality and ghosts
“I sincerely believe in the afterlife and spirits. Since childhood, I feel a connection with something else. My mother told me that when I was two, I sometimes sat in a corner and I was struggling with “someone”. She asked me if I was okay and I said yes, and I continued to discuss. She said: “Gray, with whom do you speak? Does this person bothering you “, and I replied:” No, we’re just talking. ” Our house was haunted and there was a spirit that was particularly attached to me; my mother called them the “attachments”. When one is young, one is more creative and things differently we see; I think the spirits are really attracted to that. They do not feed us, they are just interested. ”

“My friends and my family make me optimistic for the future. But they will not always be with me, it saddens me. Although Bernie Sanders did not win, there are a lot of kids who were really strong for him, but who had no voting age. And it reassures me, because the younger generation arrives. We were trying to mislead us, but I feel that the younger generation is more down to earth and really aware of what is happening. She really knows what is best for everyone. She is hopeful. Frankly, for me, all that matters is the respect, love and elegance. All that stuff. ”

His family and his magic recipe for happiness
“In the summer I go to a town called Deia and this is the most magical place in the world. It was in Spain, Mallorca, my family has a house. We have small casitas where we stay. There, it is as if time had stopped and there was not. We have not all the same age, but everyone comes out with everyone. We go to different beaches, where you have to go down into the water by climbing large boulders. We plunge directly from the rocks. We can jump really high! There we find a group of friends, play the guitar and made a paella on the rocks at sunset. My family is everything to me. When I was younger, I sat with my mother and was carved, it was really crazy stuff. And with my father, I was painting. It was in the garden to paint and listen to the Velvet Underground … They are my best friends, I could not live without them. ”