The Nerd

Rejjie Snow

Lanceur de rimes. Celui qui change la donne. Encore plus intelligent que l’intello moyen.

Try to tell the young rapper Rejjie Snow that nice guys always finish last. The musician from Dublin to sharp flow and clever texts arrived on the front of the stage by the effect of a bomb when his first mixtape Rejovich dethroning colossal Yeezus Kanye West hip-hop classification of iTunes. Beating constantly expectations of the music world, Snow then paused to perfect his rap. Now his impressionist and intelligent approach to gender is ready to win. “Why did you need someone to tell you how to sell? “He said in resistant labels. “Nowadays, kids are much smarter, they know what they are doing. What is important is to be there and to experiment. “On his hidden talent for tap dancing with his spontaneous creativity, Snow out of the box and he is the class of nerd.

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Le mouton noir, c’est ce qui me définit

Rejjie, The Nerd

His perfectionist
“I define myself as definitely a perfectionist. But sometimes it goes too far because everything has to be absolutely perfect, as far as possible, and I will not let the matter. I continue until I can not find any fault. It often happens to me, especially in the context of my music: I do a song and everyone said “it is finished” and I answer just “nan”. But each time, the first version was the best. That’s why I put three years to release a record! Now is the time. ”

Its (surprising) extracurricular activities
“I love painting, and also play football, it’s a passion. I wanted to become a professional, but it did not work. I lived in the US for some time. And I love to tap dance! I take a few courses. It’s great to speak that way. I love the pace. ”

His way to work
“First, I am using what I feel. With my music and especially the lyrics, it’s mostly a matter of feeling. Whether I am good or bad mood, I always have a pen with me, or I use my iPhone, I’m in my notes I scribbled words like a poem. Sometimes it’s difficult to stick the words to the music, so I first listen to an instrumental, then I go back to what I wrote and I try to put the pieces together. My words ? I try to talk about real things, but it’s complicated because unveil what is happening in his personal life, it is sometimes strange. For me, when we made music, everything is a matter of feeling, people must be able to identify, then it is good to stay in the authenticity sometimes. But I also like the imaginary stuff and invent stories … discuss my music like I’m an actor, see? I write a lot and I love words, so the inspiration does not always come at the best times, but when it happens, I am always ready to do something cool. ”