The Prom Queen

Mae Lapres

Franc-parler. Maîtrise de soi. La reine du bal de vos rêves.

Mae Lapres is the queen parades whose quirky style and determined attitude saying: “I come to the crown. “Parisienne accomplished, you have probably seen on the Parisian catwalks and several campaigns, but when it does not play the muse, she prefers to take care of his own style by collecting vintage fabrics that customize. “I think I went through all styles,” she said, before making a funny selfie with the iconic Iris Apfel. “Emo princess, Britney Spears, military … must be tested to find out what you love! “With a relevant perspective on issues affecting the fashion industry today is the prom queen that will win the heart and minds of all who cross his path. But to whom she will reserve the last dance? At Duckie, dancing on Try a Little Tenderness in the film Sweet Rose , of course.

Mae porte les modèles optiques suivants: Miu Miu MU51PV; Prada PR55SV; Ray-Ban RX3447V

Je suis gênée par tout et par rien à la fois ! Je suis tarée…

Mae, The Prom Queen

His advice to create his own style
“How to create your own style? With experience. In high school, I was the spitting image of Jenny from Gossip Girl . All the other girls were rich, they wore the latest brands, they all had the latest Balenciaga bags, but I did not have all that, so I had to manage. That’s how I started in customization. Strangely, I’m not cutting edge, but I started to wear super thick glasses. I took the sunglasses vintage from my grandmother and I transformed. Everyone was laughing at me, I was the main target. But then, American Apparel began selling this kind of vintage glasses and everyone asked me: “Oh! Where did you buy these glasses, “and I answered:”? The glasses which you have mocked the past two years, “and they said” Yes “I told them.” This is vintage, try the find if you can! ‘ ”

The importance of extracurricular activities
“Since I started modeling, I almost do it, but when I’m at home, I love to cook! I do a lot of shopping (I love) finding one or two small unique and vintage accessories! In high school, I was the clothing customization. But I also had a lot of extracurricular activities. I started music at the age of five! I was at the Conservatory, so it was classical music. I made the choir, about ten years of piano and harp two years. I tried the guitar, but I’m not good with my right hand and I tried to play with a guitar right-handed; I gave up. As soon as I turned 16, I started to go clubbing! I met some DJ and sing their music, writing lyrics. I ended up being the key to a group called the Teenagers. ”

How she gained confidence in her in the middle
“When I started it several years ago, I had a bowl cut, and being Asian was really difficult for me. The environment was still very closed mind. Asians were not so accepted and I struggled to start. I was still in the sections “unconventional” and besides, I do not do 1 meter 80, you know. I do not have long legs, I’m not that kind of model. Finally, my personality helped me a lot, and everything is unlocked once. Today, I think that everyone has a chance in modeling. But it is also risky, because it is easier to become a model, it is much easier to be ejected. One day you’re the new face, you’re on all the covers and you open all the shows, then the next day, another girl comes along and you are forgotten. In fact, everything is a matter of respect. At work, if you have that respect for people, that you are professional and friendly, there is no problem. I do not judge others, so I do not expect to be tried, but I could be wrong! I calibrated. ”