The Teacher

Hari Nef

Héroïne du petit écran. Pionnière du style. L’enseignante idéale.

Hari Nef does not underestimate the importance of high school. “This is where you really start to develop your identity,” says the actress, model and activist 23 years. “But when you’re in high school, nobody tells you when it stops, it stops! “Inflaming the industry as the first transsexual model to have signed with IMG, Hari Nef teaches both young fans and adults how to live life in full authenticity since she embarked on Tumblr sphere she began writing frank and penetrating chronic dedicated to a relatively young community. In addition to his fashion shows at Fashion Week and countless fashion magazine covers, she focuses on her job: her role in season 2 of Transparent transported her on the small screen, she now full of projects (secret for now) to come. Hari Nef has important lessons to offer this year, we have everything to learn from life by following his program …

Hari porte les modèles optiques suivants: Prada PR03TV, Miu Miu MU53OV, Miu Miu MU51PV

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Hari, The Teacher

His list of required readings
“  Mrs Dalloway is my favorite book. I like the way Virginia Woolf captures everyday life. I feel that my most intense moments are often when I cross the street to buy cigarettes, not when I realize something great or the death of someone. Mrs Dalloway was the first text has so resonated with me, because I never really recognized me in the epics or in the “big” traditional literature. I ‘m identifies, but it’s not realistic. How Virgina Woolf capture aspects of daily life, dissects and explores every second by zooming in and zooming out … I go the same way in life. ”

Who will receive the congratulations this year
“I award congratulations to my friend the creator) Vejas Kruszewski. I know him since he was 16-17 years. We met on the Internet, on Tumblr, we helped each other, and later during trips to New York I was helping the castings to its look books through contacts I had filched while I ’ was on stage! His business partner and CEO, Saam Emme, which is the first trans CEO of a big fashion brand that I know personally, should also receive the congratulations. She is incredible ! ”

His advice to students
“Nowadays, we always ask the kids, including me:” What do you want? What do you do? What do you have? What do you do? “Unconsciously and over time, this speech makes you believe that you do not have everything you need to achieve your goals. You’ll feel you have to work very hard not to hope that it happen. And I think that’s not true. You have everything you need. It’s only a matter of time, patience and concentration. The minute you graduated and you get out of the auditorium, it’s over. You will never have to talk to these people! In high school, I had no patience and I put in four me to try to do the best I could to be the best version of myself, to be loved as much as possible. I was bullied and I did not sleep for four years. Then it was over and I said, “Why I did all that,” It’s good to work hard, to get involved in social life, to be present and to listen, but do not hurt. ”