The Dreamer

Gray Sorrenti

Pure spirit. Deep feeler. American dreamer

Mysterious and magnetic, Gray Sorrenti is the girl of your dreams. Balancing innate tranquility with infectious creative spark, her adventures in photography mean she is fast taking after her father, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti. “I photograph my friends and the people around me,” she says. “I’ll say, ‘What’s your favourite thing?’ and they might say ‘candy’ or ‘playing guitar’, so I’ll set up a shoot with a bunch of candy or someone playing guitar! When (someone) is in their natural state, that’s more beautiful.” When she’s not in New York, you’ll find her making wishes and acting on her wanderlust: taking spontaneous road trips with friends in a “super old-school van”, or travelling to her favourite hangout in the world, her folks’ place in Majorca. Happiest with her nose in a sketchbook or eyes behind the lens, she’s the girl who’ll leave a rose in your locker, “just because”. Just don’t say that Gray and her friends have got their heads stuck in the clouds. “This generation really knows what’s going on,” she says of her peers. “They give me hope.”

Gray wears the following optical styles: Dolce&Gabbana DG3247; Miu Miu MU50PV; Ray-Ban RX6049

Love is like a new colour, you know?

Gray, The Dreamer

On spirituality and ghosts…
“I really believe in the afterlife and spirits. Since childhood, I’ve always felt a connection to something else. My mum used to tell me that, when I was two, I’d sit in the corner of the room and would argue with ‘someone’. She would say, ‘Gray, are you OK?’ and I would respond, ‘Yeah, I’m fine’ and continue to argue. She’d say, ‘Gray, who are you arguing with, is this person bothering you?’ and I’d say, ‘No, we’re just having a conversation’. Our house was haunted, and there was this one spirit that was attached to me – my mum would call them ‘attachments’. When you’re younger you are more creative and have a different way of viewing things; I think spirits are really attracted to that. They don’t feed off of you, they’re just interested.”

On optimism…
“My friends and my family make me optimistic for the future. But then, they’re not always going be with me, you know? Which is sad. Even though Bernie Sanders didn’t win, there’s a bunch of really strong kids who stood by him, but just weren’t old enough to vote. And that makes me feel good because the younger generation is coming. We were kind of losing our way, but I feel like the younger generation is just more down to earth and knows what’s going on. They really know what’s best for everyone. There is hope in that way. For me, honestly, it’s all about respect, love, elegance. All of that stuff.”

On family and finding the magic…
“Deia, the spot I go to in the summer, is the most magical place. It’s in Majorca; my family has a house there. We have these little casitas that we stay in. When you’re there it’s like there’s no time – time does not exist. There’s an age difference between everyone, but everyone’s hanging out with everyone anyway. We go to different beaches where you have to hike down to the water on to these big boulders. You dip into the water straight from the rocks. You can jump from really high! We’ll have a bunch of friends over, play guitar, and make a paella on the rocks while the sun’s going down. My family is my everything. When I was younger, I just used to sit down with my mum and sculpt and we would make these crazy things, and I would paint with my dad. We would be in our garden, painting and listening to The Velvet Underground… They’re my best friends, I couldn’t live without them.”